The MTM Ritual 4 hands

The MTM Ritual is a Japanese massage based on the principles of traditional Asian medicine, mainly affecting the 5 senses: taste, smell, hearing, touch, and sight (yin and yang).  The main goal of the MTM Ritual is to restore your state of well-being by renewing your state of mind, which in turn will help you go about your family and professional life. This massage uses pressure points and the soft hands and fingertips of the Tantrikas. They will apply pressure on specific points, from your muscles and joints to the lymphatic system, which plays a huge part in our immune system… (It drains the waste that has built up from our metabolism)


  • For this massage to be beneficial, the receiver must let go in order to enjoy this moment of peace  and must trust their masseuse; you will then be able to forget the dark side, the flaws, and the stress of the world, regaining confidence, serenity, and a taste for life.
  • In short, the MTM Ritual is nothing more than a simple relaxing massage, carried out in a naughty outfit and hot oils on traditional Japanese futons (the sexy, sensual, and erotic touch is the naughty outfit that your favorite tantrika will wear during the massage, and the accessories that she will use, which we prefer to keep secret, will provide a naughty role-playing atmosphere…)
  • (Shhhhh, MTM Ritual and what else?)

We are not a private house, for these intimacies we recommend you go elsewhere.

During the massage  
the tantrika  
will use organic and 
odorless hot oils.  

We ask our clients to take a shower  
both before and  
after the session. 

Massages are given  
on traditional futons, with  
candlelight and background  


45 min  –  240€
60 min  –  280€