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Shower with masseuse

4 Hands Massage is a tantra session where two tantrikas massage you at the same time.

The tantrika works with her hands and body. She plays all body parts of the client in a loving and gentle way.

This provides a unique and intense feeling of well-being during and after the massage.

During a tantra massage, mutual embraces and caresses are allowed. (Excl. Intimate parts).

We are not a private house, for these intimacies we recommend you go elsewhere.



45 min – 400€

60 min – 440€

90 min – 540€

During the massage  
the tantrika  
will use organic and 
odorless hot oils.  

We ask our clients to take a shower  
both before and  
after the session. 

Massages are given  
on traditional futons, with  
candlelight and background