Double massage
You cannot choose between two tantrikas?

Then the Double massage is for you.

During the first half of the session you will be massaged by one of the tantrikas, and during the second part you will enjoy the massage arts of another team member.

This massage starts and ends twice. Two massages, two different tantrikas, one after the other.

During a tantra massage, mutual embraces and caresses are allowed. (Excl. Intimate parts).

We are not a private house, for these intimacies we recommend you go elsewhere.



60 min  –  250 €

90 min  –  300 €

During the massage  
the tantrika  
will use organic and 
odorless hot oils.  

We ask our clients to take a shower  
both before and  
after the session. 

Massages are given  
on traditional futons, with  
candlelight and background