EveildesSensMTM 4 Hands 

3 X more (of relaxation) and of sensuality, luxurious lingerie, accessories, gifts, and aphrodisiac drinks 

On their knees, our Tantrikas listen to your senses through Tantrism.

Thanks to our new massage (EveildesSens), sexual energy is used to open and awaken the spirit to love. The promise of unequaled sexuality will bring you ecstasy and fulfill your most hidden fantasies…

Having been reserved for a minority for a long time, today, through their exceptional movements and an ancient technique, Tantrism can finally be used for personal development. Our Tantrikas will take you on an unforgettable and incomparable journey.

Out of respect for the work carried out within our center, we would be grateful if you confirmed your appointment times.

All unconfirmed appointments will be disregarded.

We are not a private house, for these intimacies we recommend you go elsewhere.



45 min – €440
60 min – €500
90 min – €580

During the massage  
the tantrika  
will use organic and 
odorless hot oils.  

We ask our clients to take a shower  
both before and  
after the session. 

Massages are given  
on traditional futons, with  
candlelight and background