You and your partner’s whole bodies will be sensually and carefully massaged by the tantrika(s) (according to your choice)…

Take this moment of relaxation, accompanied by a warm atmosphere and a light that fits the ambiance, to let yourself be carried away by the unparalleled pleasure of soft, sensual hands and the movement of hot, steamy bodies, there for only one purpose;

Offering you the unique and intense feeling of well-being during and after your session.  

This delicious gourmet blend will give you the freedom to go about your day and forget your worries and the harsh stress of everyday life.

Dear couples, dare to offer yourselves this gourmet session. You won’t be disappointed.

PS: You will be offered 20 free minutes to come back to the real world after your gourmet massage.


We are not a private house, for these intimacies we recommend you go elsewhere.



45 min – 250 €
60 min  –  300 €
90 min  –  350 €

During the massage  
the tantrika  
will use organic and 
odorless hot oils.  

We ask our clients to take a shower  
both before and after the session.  

Massages are given  
on traditional futons, with  
candlelight and background